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2012 |
Ed Fryday, ACI, CMI® | TREC License: #6932

The Very Thorough Home Inspection Report with Pictures was Very Helpful for Builder Fixes


with Space City Inspections, is just wonderful. My husband and I were buying a brand new house and after seeing how the builder patched up a mistake of theirs, we just weren't comfortable without having a third party inspector come in and reassure us the house we were buying is sound.

Even before we hired Ed, he answered our questions and concerns about the patch job. When he came out, I found him to be very friendly and knowledgeable. He even gave me more information than I could possible retain to relate to my husband, extra information about the background and history of the code. He found a couple of major things we wouldn't have even thought to check for in our walk throughs! His thoroughness will surely save us when we go to sell years down the road.

As I suspected, I wasn't able to relate everything Ed told me, but fortunately, and amazingly enough, he sent us the inspection report that very day -- just hours after the inspection. We found the report to be extremely thorough, especially since it included pictures, which made it easier to check that the builder fixed the issue!

Since our appliances weren't in at the time of the inspection, Ed gave me a list of things to check for, as well as the offer of calling him up anytime if we had any questions. My husband feared I would've found the inspection to be a waste of money, but after meeting with Ed and hearing the things not in code, I think everyone needs to hire an inspector (hire Ed!)! Even for brand new construction homes!

As I mentioned before, Ed was wonderful. We would definitely recommend Space City Inspections to friends and family; in fact, we already have! 

My T.

Posted: 2012
Posted by: Ed Fryday, ACI, CMI® | TREC License: #6932
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